ZPHC business


Sales and marketing team

We have more than 350 sales and product managers, most of them holding professional qualifications in medicine and pharmacy. Together they work with more than 3000 distributors and their sales departments, for rapid penetration into the markets of various countries. We work closely with our distributors and their sales departments: developing marketing strategies, organising national and provincial conferences, providing sales training programs for distributors, selecting distributors with in-depth knowledge and understanding of their local markets and with established sales channels for local markets, and installing sales targets. Our sales and marketing team are responsible for trade, closely following the work of distributors.

Business management

Our distribution network is the culmination of more than a decade of searching, identifying, negotiating and selecting qualified distributors and third-party sales representatives in different regions around the world. Our sales model also requires a highly efficient internal control system to monitor and support a distribution network of this scale. Over the years, we have also developed pricing strategies that ensure that the profit margin of our products remains attractive to our distributors. In addition, the position on the market of some of our products and the strength of our products retains our distributors. In this regard, our distribution network is remarkably efficient.

ZPHC Pharmaceutical has a sales model that has proven to be very successful and cost-effective, and has enabled us to quickly achieve a profound penetration of the market in an effective manner. Our marketing strategy and extensive sales and distribution networks are difficult to replicate and therefore represent a significant competitive advantage.

Our distribution network is managed and supported by our own team of more than 350 specialised sales and product managers, most of whom have professional qualifications in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Our product managers are responsible for developing marketing strategies, organising scientific conferences and seminars, as well as preparing knowledge about products for distributors.

The quality of raw materials is at the European and American level, so the quality of finished goods withstands the world’s toughest competition. All products are protected by high-quality printing.

ZPHC business
Pre operation
ZPHC business

Seven business bases

  • Distribution and logistics business with ZPHC Pharmaceutical
  • Bio-pharmacological unit with six biological products institutes
  • Chemical Pharmaceutical Production Unit with the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Industry ZPHC Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacture and sale of pharmacological raw materials
  • R & D and the production of a chemical and diagnostic reagent with ZPHC Pharmaceutical and six major biological products institutes
  • Pharmaceutical research and design team with scientific institutes ZPHC Pharmaceutical
  • Exhibition unit of the economy with ZPHC Pharmaceutical

Interaction with foreign buyers

More and more foreign buyers are looking for “Production,” and “Trading Companies” are increasingly ignored.

According to Ali International Station and incomplete statistics published in Ali based on buyers’ requests, more than 50% of foreign investors clearly stated that they are only willing to contact manufacturers, which excludes a large number of foreign trade companies. At the same time, more and more manufacturing companies are also creating their own export sector with two stages of sales.

Cost is the main reason behind foreign buyers wanting to trade directly with manufacturers. Their main goal is a reduction in the intermediates to reduce purchasing costs and access the lowest possible price (obviously if foreign trade companies offer higher prices).

ZPHC Pharmaceutical is involved in all stages of production of raw materials and finished products as its own brand, as well as ordering.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM), ZPHC Pharmaceutical has a competitive advantage, owning its own production facilities and therefore having the ability to offer the most favourable prices.

ZPHC business
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